Dept. Chair Computer Science & Technology Specialist @ Oak Knoll School

In February 2018, I earned my doctorate in Instructional Technology and Media at Columbia University, Teachers College. As an innovative educator in Higher Education and K-12, I am passionate about technology integration and providing teacher professional development in diverse educational settings.

Some of my favorite engaging classroom activities include #MysterySkype and #Gridpals. Expanding my global network of teachers and students is a priority in my educational toolkit.

To learn more about my areas of interest, please see my publications:

Perceptions of Administrators’ Support for Grades K-5 Teachers’ Professional Learning with Twitter: What Does It Look Like? (March 2021)

Twitter to Learn? Middle and High School Teachers’ Report on Their Use of Twitter (March 2020)

Elementary schoolteachers’ use of Twitter: exploring the implications of learning through online social media (March 2019)

Dissertation: An Investigation of Elementary Schoolteachers’ Use of Twitter for their Professional Learning (February 2018)

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