Student-centered learning

Through my dissertation research, I’ve been asking teachers if their classrooms have become more student-centered as a result of their learning from Twitter. The answer from many teachers is yes!

When I look at the teachers who are posting their classroom projects and ideas on Twitter, I admire them. They are sharing their student learning with the world. They are making connections with others. They have a support network of teachers available 24/7.

In my attempt to bring some of the ideas from Twitter into my son’s classroom, I’ve coordinated with his teacher to allow me to teach her how to use them with her students. This week, her 3rd grade class has three #MysterySkype calls. In addition, I have helped her use some digital tools to make the curriculum student-centered.

Here is an example of a hyperdoc lesson that I helped create for her third graders:


Hello, my name is Talia and I am an educator/researcher/parent and this is my blog, On Education.

This blog site is will be used to share my perspectives on education in today’s digital world. Currently, I am in the data collection/analysis stage of my dissertation. I’m working toward a doctoral degree in Instructional Technology & Media @ Teachers College, Columbia. For the past 3.5 weeks, I have been using Twitter to recruit participants to take my online survey.

My research topic is geared toward investigating how elementary school teachers (K-5) are using Twitter to support their professional learning. Twitter has been described by some as a resource that teachers must use for many reasons including: Learning from other educators, experts, and authors; building relationships; showcasing their classrooms to the world; and connecting students globally.

My assumption is that a a better understanding of how K-5 use Twitter will provide teachers, administrators, and other leaders in the field of education with additional support networks to call upon in an effort to improve teaching practices.


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